March 08, 2005

Life is so weird.

I've been kind of adrift for a month now, career-wise. I've got a really good gig at a book packager, but that's technically only temporary. And I'm just very deeply stressed about it --- I'm ready to know what my year is going to look like. I'm just wanting almost everything in my life to change.

But what's funny is that in the midst of that, there's this sort of bliss in everything I'm doing. I'm loving the work (watch for Soul Matters to hit store shelves in June!) and babysitting my cousins and going to my voice lessons and taking care of my newly-acquired Pomeranians. It's just that it seems strange to be content --- at the exact same time as being discontent.

So maybe I should keep asking God for "things" --- but be a little more grateful for the good things I have today.

Posted by jessica at March 8, 2005 09:48 PM