April 21, 2005

A Nature Moment

I was outside walking my dogs today. It was one of those ultra-balmy April days. I wandered over to the pine tree in my front yard and noticed that it was budding or something. I didn't know pine trees did that. But there were these beautiful fresh green brushes on the tips of the branches. Across the street, a pair of doves were calling to each other, and one of them jumped off the telephone wire, thrashing his wings hard and floating high above the pole.

And I was sitting there, exhilarated by the thick wind and the beautiful green pine tree and the depth of the dove's flight, and I noticed that there was a wasp in the very pine tree I was touching. Ew. So I got my dogs and went inside forthwith.

There might be an application or deeper thought here, but really I think I'm just amused by how much I love nature --- but not all of nature. Because wasps suck.

Posted by jessica at April 21, 2005 11:04 PM