June 20, 2005


I did a bad thing last Sunday.

After Sunday school, I was walking to service when a lady I know stopped me and asked me to sign a card thanking the mayor for signing a petition to allow a creation exhibit at the local zoo in the midst of a lot of controversy. I couldn't say no, so I signed it.

What's bad about that is that I acted in complete contradiction with what I believe about the situation.

The story is that our zoo recently put up a new elephant exhibit, and included a statue of a Hindu elephant god to show the cultural significance of elephants. Purely educational.

So some Christian groups got upset that the Hindu religion was getting coverage at a public zoo, but they weren't. One interviewee said, "It's a three-dimensional depiction of a Hindu god. You can't get much more religious that that." Um, yeah, you can. You could have worship services there, for example. Anyway, they began protesting and petitioning to allow a creation exhibit.

Okay, a) the Hindu statue is seamless in the elephant exhibit. It makes perfect sense. A creation exhibit makes much less sense. There's no immediately good place to put it, even. b) The complaint of the Christian groups was basically that they weren't getting equal air time. STUPID. And petty. Do people really think they're advancing the cause of Christ by being pushy and bratty? By showing a hostility toward and unwillingness to learn about other cultures?

And c) I'd much rather see a creation exhibit that the zoo put up willingly, rather than something nobody on the zoo staff is interested in (and as a former zoo volunteer, I'd wager that a large majority of zoo curators are pretty settled in an evolutionist viewpoint.)

But I couldn't explain all that. So I just wrote my name really tiny.

Posted by jessica at June 20, 2005 10:20 PM