September 23, 2005


Yay, a me-post.

10 years ago I was: Starting my freshman year at Glenpool High School. Probably working out too much, although I remember I had just quit the basketball team at the behest of my father. Shoot, I can't remember anything about that year.

5 years ago I was: Probably in my second or third week of classes my sophomore year in college. I had Hermeneutics that fall or spring, I remember, and I very often wore this bright purple sweater. My hair was really short. Three weeks later, I would meet the guy who would become something of a lengthy romantic entanglement.

1 year ago I was: In limbo. I had gotten back from a summer stint at Focus on the Family Institute a month earlier and taken on a "month" of work for a book packager (that has stretched to the present day!), and was waiting and hoping for a certain position to open at Focus. It did---six months later---and I applied...and didn't get it. I would later come to see this as a blessedly unanswered prayer for lots of reasons that would take up too much space here.

Yesterday: Was pretty uneventful. I worked on a Christmas gift book we're putting out (I wrote a short piece on the world's strangest traditions, including this horse skull thing in Wales) and the usual office stuff (one of our authors is due a shipment of books from the publisher and was concerned about getting them in light of the impending hurricane and her current status as a Gulf Coast resident). Then I came home and took my dogs out and sketched out a blog post. Later, I printed off an article to read off of, a defense of an article they ran last month. I remember reading that article on my twenty-fifth birthday and trying not to be infuriated in that its premise was that if you delay marriage too long, sometimes it's just too late. And some of the language was like, "If you're stalling on marrying, you're stupid/selfish/prideful/ambitious/a ho."

5 snacks I enjoy:
Milky Way Midnight bars
Raspberry chai big trains from Kaffe Bona
Plain yogurt blended with frozen berries
Cottage cheese

5 songs I know all the words to:

This one's tough---tough to pick five!

Every song on Our Newest Album Ever by Five Iron Frenzy
"Head Over Feet" by Alanis Morissette
"Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" by Jack Johnson (that whole album is so unbelievably good)
"Daughters" by John Mayer (actually, that whole CD)
"Criminal" by Fiona Apple

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars:

1.) Everybody else said "tithe." I can't say that just because everybody else said it, but I like to think I would give a generous portion to various relief efforts around the globe.
2.) Pay off my student loan, as well as my sister's. And since my brother's going to college next year, I'd tell him to go ahead and enroll wherever he wanted.
3.) Buy a car. Nothing fancy, probably a Honda Civic. And one for my sister too.
4.) It's silly for me to put a down payment on a house at this stage of the game (after all, I am a selfish ho). So #4 and 5 would be some combination of giving and investing.

5 places I would run away to:

1.) Any Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking country. (I loooove Portuguese.)
2.) London
3.) Buena Vista, Colorado
4.) Rural Italy, I think
5.) That's all I can think of.

5 things I would never wear:

1.) Anything mesh
2.) Anything beige
3.) Anything Abercrombie (ever)
4.) Anything chartreuse
5.) Anything that makes me in any way resemble a Spice Girl

5 favorite TV shows:

1.) Confession: I'm addicted to America's Next Top Model.
2.) CSI is veddy good.
3.) I'm also addicted to "Best Week Ever" on Vh1.

5 bad habits:

1.) Procrastinating (!)
2.) Eating too much sugar
3.) Not doing things I don't want to do (wait, that's procrastinating, isn't it?)
4.) Finishing people's sentences

5 biggest joys:

I've determined that I need to figure out what I like to do for fun. In college, I worked a lot and studied a lot and didn't really have time for good times. So I think I need to explore some fun stuff. But that's not really "joy" so much as fun. So the previous three sentences were pointless.

1.) Reading and writing
2.) Coffee and conversation
3.) Music
4.) Being tired (seriously, there's nothing quite like being absolutely spent and knowing that it's somehow worth it)
5.) Long, unhurried walks or drives

5 favorite toys:

1.) My computer

...that's really all, actually.

5 fictional characters I would date:

1.) Anyone ever portrayed by Matthew McConaughey. Ever.
2.) Okay, I know he isn't a fictional character, but do you know who I think is really attractive? Jason Lee. It's not that he's mind-blowingly hot, he's just really charming somehow. Dave Matthews also falls into that category. And Jack Johnson. Except that Jack Johnson is sort of mind-blowingly hot.
3.) Brendan Fraser's character in With Honors
4.) Wentworth in Minority Report. Colin Farrell was way hotter before I learned he was a big fat manwhore. (Okay, that was harsh, wasn't it?)
5.) Wolverine. I'm serious.

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