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Extinguished Fire?

"I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled." Luke 12:49

Fire is on my mind this morning.

Yesterday, there was an enormous fire in town. A series of explosions at a propane distributor filled the sky with the blackest smoke you'll ever see. Almost eighteen thousand pounds of propane burned for several hours. Fighting the fire was almost too dangerous. Firefighters could only watch, spraying cool water on other tanks to keep them from exploding as well. Small propane tanks, like missiles in battle, rained down on anything nearby. Amazingly, no one was injured. Having purchased my propane from this company several times, I was concerned about the employees. Praise the Lord. They are safe!

Today, I wonder about another fire, a fire of passion that burns within me. Has it quit burning? Do I have a desire that still burns within me to change the world - to share the hope of Christ with the lost? Or have I grown too weary? Have I become so overwhelmed by the smoke, that I can no longer stoke the fire?

Lord, I know most of the answers. I know that You are the Source of the flame - that to burn brightly I need to draw near to You. But truthfully, I'm tired. Even now as I am closer to starting new journeys, I question my strength and ability to complete them.

Has the fire been extinguished?

Everywhere I turn, I seem to be putting out fires, but it seems the very fire in me has died to nothing. There are embers, but I have no means to purchase the fuel I need. The places I once bought it are gone. Help me to find the fuel of Your choosing. Rekindle the fire that burned in me.

Draw me close to Your flames.


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